Finding The Right Canberra Based Builder

Trying to find a builder in Canberra? Well, here are a few things you should consider before making this important decision. Picking the right builder has the potential to make or break your building experience. By considering these tips you’re more likely to avoid a stressful build and budgeting blowouts.

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Quality matters

A home is not something that will “do for now”, it is a special place where you collect a lifetime of memories. So it is vital that you feel comfortable with your builder’s ability to deliver a quality service. The first thing to do is to check their portfolio! Most builders will display their past work on their website, or they may have other forms of a catalogue of their previous work. Try to find multiple examples of Canberra homes that are similar to what you imagine so you can be confident that you are getting the house you love. 

Do Your Research

It sounds simple, but googling “builders near me” or “builders in Googong”, or wherever your location is. This is the best way to find all of your options. But you still have to narrow it down from there. Why not ask around, gather up references, recommendations and even building horror stories. If you see a house you particularly like, why not go the extra mile? Knock on the door and ask if they have any info about the house and its builder – especially if the home is in your local area. 

Once you narrow it down, we recommend you get at least three quotes for your top contenders – here is where the price might sweeten or sour the deal. So it is particularly important to stay within budget, as it sets the cost for the entire project. 

When comparing your quotes pay attention to:

  • Their process or method for building your home
  • Your job brief and requirements
  • The price for completing the build
  • Details of their licences and qualifications


It is okay to question your Canberra home builder, don’t be scared of annoying them – it’s perfectly valid for you to want to know all the details about your home. Asking for a timeline and a comprehensive estimate early on is also perfectly reasonable. Generally, communication is also key, familiarise yourself with building jargon, or consult family or friends who are familiar with the world of building. 

Other important qualities in your builder also include:

  • Experience: Experienced builders have seen it all before and have lots of tips and tricks that only time and practice can provide.
  • Specialisation: Find a builder that fits your plan, whether it is a small extension or complete build.
  • Friendly and professional attitude: Communication is key, so if you click with your builder only good thing can come of it. 
  • Prompt: Organisation will help everything stay on track, including budget and sticking to an agreed timeline. 
  • Fairly priced: Compare quotes to find the right price for your project.

In the end, you want a home that works for you and your family. Choosing the right builder will help you navigate any roadblocks, and not create more problems.